How To Choose Best Garment Steamer

Many people nowadays use a steam iron to iron clothes, but it can take a long time when you are in a hurry and your clothes are not ironed. So, what could be the easiest way to iron your clothes in minutes?

Buying the Best Garment Steamer can be the perfect option for you. As compared to traditional Durable Steam Irons, garment steamers are the best complement to make your work easier and faster. It offers a convenient way to iron your clothes and to remove wrinkles from your clothes. Clothes steamers are upright handheld garment steamers that allow you to easily straighten your clothes on the hanger without the need for a Foldable Ironing Board. All in all, handheld clothes steamers are the best option for you as they are easy to use, easy to clean, and portable.

These best handheld garment steamer come in a variety of features and sizes, so it’s very important to know what features you’re looking for so you can choose the best clothes steamer.

For What You Are Purchasing A Clothes Steamer?

how to choose the best garment steamer

First of all, what is the purpose of buying a portable clothes steamer? We must ask ourselves this question. If you are buying a clothes steamer that can produce steam for more than an hour, a full-sized steamer may be the best option for you. In addition, small steamers can produce steam for up to 15 minutes. If you are looking for a garment steamer for travel purposes or for offices, a portable steamer can be an ideal option for you.

The reasons for you are going towards portable garment steamers can be if you are ironing one cloth at a time especially in a hurry, looking for a lightweight model to iron your clothes while traveling, it seems to be hard to use an ironing board and irons, lots of delicate and hard-to-iron clothes.

Overall, you can really go for the portable steamers as they are the perfect ones for your home and ironing small clothes every day without any hassle.

How Much Garment Steamer Costs?

Garment steamers are priced at £25 and £150. Handheld models are considered to be the cheapest, but this is not always the case, as we have tried a handheld steamer priced at £120. They’re not always cheaper than regular irons: you can pick up as little as £22 as one of the best steam irons we have tested for us.

Features To Look For When Choosing Best Garment Steamer:

Are you struggling with traditional iron or are you a frequent traveler who doesn’t want to rely on hotel facilities for ironing needs?

In this case, a handheld portable steamer can be the perfect addition to your ironing needs. But when choosing the best garment steamer, you should look for some important factors that make a steamer top-rated on the market.

  • Temperature Settings For Different Kinds Of Fabrics
  • Water Tank
  • Safety Features
  • Heating Power
  • Portability
  • Cost

Let’s take a look at each one:

1. Temperature Settings For Different Kinds Of Fabrics

Types of fabrics
As we know, there are different temperature settings for different types of fabrics. Some require a high temperature from iron to straighten it out and remove creases. Thinner fabrics will strengthen up like toast with the same degree of heat. This allows you to monitor how much heat is generated depending on what clothes you will be working on.

Clear and visible dial
This temperature dial must be easy to read and clearly visible. This will be better if the dial indicates which preset temperature is suitable for which particular type of fabric. You don’t need to be confused about what temperature to use for steam.

Constant Temperature
Once the water has boiled in the setting you have chosen, it should ensure that the water temperature stays the same until you finish ironing.

2. Water Tank

It all depends on your preferences, if the water tank of the steamer is large you will not need to refill it.

Do you have enough clothes to iron every day? A large water tank may be the best option for you. Because that’s where you don’t have to refill the water tank. In addition, the smaller water tank makes the steamer lighter, cheaper, and highly portable. For fewer clothes and daily ironing, this can be a great option.

3. Safety Features

From your safety point of view, the best garment steamers ​come with the safety features such as auto shut-off and anti-drip features.

Auto shut-off:
It can be very harmful if in case you forgot to turn off or unplug your electrical appliance. Safety features can help to protect the individual from getting burned and to protect things around the steamer from getting water damage.
Auto Shut-Off features are incorporated in every steamer, it prevents a steamer from overheating.

It alerts you when the water level is low and easily shuts down itself. It is the best feature to prevent you and your home from the risk of fire.

Anti-drip technology:
It prevents the water inside the tank from spilling out drop-by-drop. It seems to be vital when the water’s already at boiling point and you’re moving the device around.
It was taken to be a consideration, durable materials must ensure a leak-free operation.

4. Portability

Everyone is looking for a portable device because it makes it very easy to carry with you wherever you go. This steamer can be the perfect tool for today’s busy and on-going youth. Portable steamers may be the best key feature for travel purposes. Portability gives the steamer a small, lightweight, and compact design.

Another advantage is that the compact design makes it very easy to store in a suitcase, carry-on, or backpack. Just make sure its compact size won’t affect other features you can’t negotiate.

5. Heating Power

Usually, handheld portable steamers come with a compact structure, with less space for high-power equipment than traditional irons.

Always remember, the higher the heating power, the faster and more efficiently it can remove wrinkles from clothing. High heating power ensures that it heats up quickly so you can steam your clothes as quickly as possible. It is best to generate more steam to iron your clothes properly.

6. Size and Weight

With the higher portability, it is very crucial to look for the size and weight of the steamer you are purchasing. If you are a frequent traveler then you must definitely go compact models as space can be a great issue.

7. Cost

Generally, portable steamers come in a range of $15 to over $100. The Costly steamers are energy-efficient and last longer as they covered advanced features and fulfill all features listed above. If you are on a low budget or traveler then cheap steamers with the best features can be the best option for you.


Choosing the best garment steamer can make your ironing work easier and faster. You just don’t seem ironing boring, handheld steamer offers great mobility and fun to steam your clothes within a few minutes.
Make sure you are considering all its features before shopping for the best garment steamer. It can be the perfect addition to your appliance collection and your vacation routine.

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